Joya de Nicaragua 2019 Review

Joya de Nicaragua, the firm behind one of Nicaragua’s oldest cigar manufacturers, is now bringing two particular cigars into the forthcoming Tobacconists’ Association of America conference. The first is that a reissue of the past year’s TAA-exclusive cigar, also known as Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva Presidente. The next is a fresh cigar named Selección p Torcedor 2019, a limited-edition smoke whose mix has been selected from the horn in Joya de Nicaragua.

In accordance with Joya p Nicaragaua, the Selección p Torcedor is wrapped in smallish batches. Generation numbers have yet to be revealed, but the firm states the cigar has been set to develop into a international merchandise in limited amounts. “It has its own group to differentiate it from the remainder of our portfolio, since it is sort of an experimental solution,” Daniel Barrios, international business director at Joya de Nicaragua explained. “From today on, each yearour torcedores in the mill will pick a particular blend and dimensions to discuss it with our merchants around the world.” Additionally, it is created completely with Nicaraguan tobacco and also retails for about $12.50 each cigar. The Selección p Torcedor 2019 conveys no official MSRP, and it’ll send to retailers using the thought that retailers may ascertain a cost point of the own, or even use it as a promotional product. The Antaño Gran Reserva Presidente along with the Selección p Torcedor 2019 are wrapped in the Joya de Nicaragua mill in Estelí, Nicaragua.

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